Description: “Try it in place of a spoon or hoochie, and hang on!”


  • 1/2 ounce anchovy-shaped fishing jig
  • natural metal finish
  • no eyes, no colours, no coatings,
  • Handmade from non-toxic metal (Bi 83 + Sn 50).
  • Wire used for line and hook points is made from stainless steel.


Weight: 0.455 oz / 12.9 g

Length : 2.5" / 63 mm 

Width : 0.1" / 4 mm

Height : 0.4" / 10 mm



This jig is GREAT for:

  • fishing from shore, kayaks or docks!
  • ice fishing!
  • jigging!
  • casting!
  • trolling on its own!
  • trolling with down-riggers / flashers
  • deep oceans & lakes
  • casting and retrieving at high speed for top and mid-water takes




(jigging: Drop your lead-free Anchovy Jig straight to the bottom, then lift the rod's tip up a foot or two, then drop suddenly again and again. This creates a fluttering action and mimics a wounded bait fish and that catches the attention of feeding fish, and can also trigger reaction/territorial strikes from several species of aggressive fish.0



 "Get the lead OUT!"

Handcrafted in Canada

1/2 oz. flat Anchovy Jig