Description: “Try it in place of a spoon or hoochie, and hang on!”


  • 1/4 ounce  (6.8 g) bent anchovy-shaped fishing jig
  • natural metal finish
  • no eyes, no colours, no coatings,
  • Handmade from non-toxic metal (Bi 83 + Sn 50).
  • Wire used for line and hook points is made from stainless steel.


Weight: 0.24 oz / 6.8 g

Length : 2" / 52 mm 

Width : 0.1" / 3 mm

Height : 0.3"/ 8 mm


Our smallest Anchovy is micro sized; and kinda cute. This jig is GREAT for:

  • fishing from shore, kayaks or docks!
  • ice fishing!
  • jigging!
  • casting!
  • trolling on its own!
  • deep oceans & lakes!
  • trolling with down-riggers and flashers!
  • casting & retrieving at high speed for top and mid-water takes!


   The small Anchovy Jig is great for traditional “jigging”:

Drop your lead-free Anchovy Jig straight to the bottom, then lift the rod's tip up a foot or two, then drop suddenly again and again. This creates a fluttering action and mimics a wounded bait fish and that catches the attention of feeding fish, and can also trigger reaction/territorial strikes from several species of aggressive fish.


Note: Please do not try to bend the lure manually. These lures are not designed to bend at normal temperatures. Used jigs can be recycled through our recycle program.


 "Get the lead OUT!"

Handcrafted in Canada

1/4 oz. Bent Anchovy Jig