3/16 oz herring head jig with barbed collar, featuring a flashy brass  underspinner and a 2/0 Eagle Claw 570 hook. Unpainted non-toxic pure metal: safe for you and the environment. This simple "chrome" herring head can hook a great catch by itself, and is easy to personalize by adding your own eyes and decorations!

  • Handmade using non-toxic metals (Bi 83 + Sn 50)
  • Length : 1.9 inch (48.7mm)
  • Width : 0.2inch (6.7mm)
  • Height : 0.7 inch (20.1mm)
  • Hook: "Eagle Claw® 570 2/0



  •  Imitates bait fish
  • Eagle Claw® hooks offer superior strength and corrosion resistance in all water conditions.
  • Small tapered barb collar makes rubber baits stay on longer




This jig is GREAT for:

  • ice fishing!
  • fishing from shore, kayaks or docks!
  • rivers or large creeks!
  • fishing steelhead, trout, walleye, bass, perch and so much more!

    Handcrafted in Canada

3/16 oz Herring Head Underspin