• 3 oz. anchovy-shaped fishing jig (recommended for deep water and large fish)
  • Natural metal
  • No additional features (no eyes)
  • Handmade with non-toxic metals (Bi 83 + Sn 50)


Weight: 3.14 oz / 89 g 

Length: 4.8" / 123 mm

Width: 0.2" / 7 mm

Height: 0.8" / 21 mm



Catch a fish with our awesome 3 oz. anchovy lure and send us the photo!  

"Get the lead OUT"

Handcrafted in Canada


3 oz. flat Anchovy Jig

  • The Anchovy Jig can be casted and retrieved at high speed for amazing top and mid-water takes. It can also be used for traditional jigging.

    Drop the anchovy jig straight to the bottom, then lift the rod's tip up a foot or two then drop suddenly again and again. This creates a fluttering action that catches the attention of aggressive feeding fish, this method can also trigger reaction/territorial strikes from several species of large game fish.

    The Anchovy Jigcan be trolled as is, or with down-rigging and flashers.

    *Please do not try to bend the lure manually. These lures are not designed to bend at normal temperatures.