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The WildFish Blue Steel lure, featuring an enticing non-toxic squid



  • 5.5 oz bent anchovy-shaped fishing jig (recommended for deep water and big fish)
  • Blue gloss colour with silver belly
  • Blue and silver 3.5 inch biodegradable synthetic squid
  • 500lb-test asist cord
  • Mustad 8/0 Siwash hook
  • Made from non-toxic metal (Bi 83 + Sn 50).



Weight: 5.6 oz. 158.8 g 

Length : 6.2 in (160mm)

Width : 0.4 in (11mm)

Height : 1.1 in (28mm) 


Catch a fish with our awesome 5.5-ounce anchovy jig and send us the photo!


Handcrafted in Canada.


5.5 oz "Blue Steel" Anchovy

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