PACK OF FIVE lead-free ball heads

The 2/5 oz lead-free Black Ball Head Jig: it's easy to tie, casts well, and sinks quickly. Heavy-wire Eagle Claw® LAZER needlepoint 4/0 hooks offer superior penetration, strength, and corrosion-resistance in all water conditions.


With its versatile design, the ball head catches a wide variety of fish including salmon, lake trout, walleye, bass, rockfish, greenling and more. It's easy to tie, casts well, and sinks relatively quickly. Soft plastic baits attach easily and last longer due to the tapered collar. Also can be used alone for a small presentation.


 GREAT for: combining with rubber baits! Fishing from shore, kayaks or docks! Ice fishing! Fishing in rivers or creeks!


Weight: 0.4 oz. / 11.3 g

Length: 1.5:/ 40.25 mm

Width: 0.5”/ 13.26 mm

Height: 0.8”/ 22.22 mm

[5 PACK] 2/5 oz Black Ball Head jigs