• 7 ounce anchovy-shaped fishing jig
  • natural metal finish
  • no additional features: no eyes, no colours, no coatings
  • Handmade from non-toxic metal (Bi 83 + Sn 50)
  • Wire used for line and hook points is made from stainless steel


Weight: 7.08 oz. 200.7 g

Length : 6.1" / 157mm

Width : 0.4" / 11mm

Height : 1.1 " / 28mm


Anchovy Jigs are GREAT for

  • catching BIG fish: Salmon, Halibut, Lingcod, Tuna, and other big game fish!
  • Deep waters!
  •  Fast currents!
  • Being trolled on its own, or with down-riggers and flashers!
  • Top and mid-water takes!
  • Casting and retrieving at high speed!


Catch a fish with our awesome 7- ounce anchovy lures and send us the photo!


Please Note: Do not try to bend the lure manually. These lures are not designed to bend at normal temperatures.



Handcrafted in Canada

7 oz. flat Anchovy Jig