• 3/8 ounce "Minnow Head"- shaped lure  with a rear extending"Eagle Claw® needlepoint L3052" four-aught (4/0) hook with "bait keeper"
  • Handmade using non-toxic metals (Bi 83 + Sn 50)


Weight: 0.345 oz. / 9.4 g

Length : 1.9" / 49 mm

Width : 0.3" / 9.6 mm

Height : 0.9" / 24 mm



  • Can be used in combination with large paddle tail baits
  • Baits attach easily and stay on with the barbed "bait keeper"
  • Designed to dive quickly downwards, and rest the tip of its nose on the bottom. The downwards-face-first position along the floor makes a realistic presentation when jigged.
  • Can be used alone for a smaller presentation.
  •  Eagle Claw® hooks offer superior strength and corrosion resistance in all water conditions.


This jig is GREAT for:

  • Holding LARGE rubber baits!
  • Fishing from shore, kayaks or docks!
  • Ice fishing!
  • Rivers or large creeks!
  • Trolling & jigging!
  •  Fishing salmon, lake trout, walleye, bass, rockfish, greenling and more!



*The "bait keeper" can split smaller rubber baits: use with care.





 "Get the lead OUT!"

Handcrafted in Canada



3/8 oz Minnow Head Jig 4/0 hook & bait keeper