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“Try it in place of a spoon or hoochie, and hang on!”

The WildFish lead-free Gold Standard jig is a 0.5 ounce, glossy gold-coloured bent anchovy, featuring a barbless  3/0 Gamakatsu hook and stainless steel line & hook points. This versatile bent anchovy can be used as an enticing replacement for a spoon or a hoochie, and performs well at high-speed casting and retrieving for those top and mid-water takes.

 The Gold Standard can easily be trolled on its own, or in combinations with downriggers and flashers, and its density carries it nicely through deep lakes as well as ocean currents. With its smooth cast, this jig is a great choice when fishing from shores and docks,  and a handy lure for ice fishing.


Body measurements:

Weight: 0.455 oz / 12.9 g

Length : 2.5" / 63 mm 

Width : 0.1" / 4 mm

Height : 0.4" / 10 mm


Handcrafted in Canada.

1/2 oz "Gold Standard" Anchovy

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