The beautiful and non-toxic "Salmon Slammer" is a heavy-gauge wire with a brass body, covered by an iridescent and colourful near-indestructible Z-Man TubeZ squid hoochie, which is naturally buoyant, stretchy, and extremely tear-resistant. The "deep cup" (hammered) Colorado Blade attracts salmon with underwater thumping and vibration-type sounds. A hooked giant salmon will remain hooked as it bends, twists, and rolls in any direction due to the Salmon Slammer's lethal stainless steel 133-lb test swivel on a large Gamakatsu Hook, which is ultra sharp for easy penetration. The barbless single hook means the Salmon Slammer is  ready to go in fishing areas that legally require barbless hooks. 

Please note: As with all WiLDFiSH's non-toxic & synthetic bait products that we sell on our site, please avoid contact between our non-toxic lures and traditional (plastisol) lures. Physical contact between the two plastics can cause a chemical reaction which causes deformation and melting of the plastics. 

Salmon Slammer