WiLDFiSH Shields for face, hair, and neck: These protective tube shields are soft to the touch & ultra-lightweight. Made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex, this breathable fabric has a gentle stretch to fit comfortably against your face, head, or neck, and it air-dries quickly.


  •  Over the face & neck for protection against sun & wind. Ideal for speedboating.
  • Around the neck for breathable warmth in the early dawn outdoors
  • Bandana-style over the head to hold away hair during the heat, and protect your scalp from ticks and other bugs.

Whether spending time outdoors camping, hiking, fishing, boating, or relaxing at the beach, these comfy and versatile shields always come in handy.

Affordably priced at only $6.99! These compact shields are a super useful item and make a great gift. Get one for yourself and your favourite adventure buddy!


Colour: solid black with white WiLDFiSH logo and website adress printed once on middle/top front.

One size fits all.


 Please note: these are not medical-grade and cannot be used inside hospitals or in places where wearing a medical-grade face mask is required.

Head Shield Tube