The WildFish lead-free Golden Boy is a 3/16 oz gold-coloured ball head jig featuring a needlepoint 2/0 Eagle Claw®  hook, pre-rigged onto a scented, fish-oil infused biodegradable 5 inch synthetic goldfish with a paddle tail. Bright and enticing, the Golden Boy is designed to attract a significantly wide variety of fish.

   The Golden Boy is easy to tie, casts well, sinks quickly, and continually releases a fishy odor. Eagle Claw® hooks offer superior strength, penetration, and corrosion-resistance in all water conditions.

Designed to attract salmon, lake trout, walleye, bass, rockfish, greenling and more, the Golden Boy is an excellent lure for all anglers in any fishing conditions.


The Golden Boy is GREAT for:

Fishing from shore, kayaks or docks!

Ice fishing!

River fishing!


Ball head jig measurements:

Weight: 0.4 oz. / 11.3 g

Length: 1.5:/ 40.25 mm

Weight: 0.5”/ 13.26 mm

Height: 0.8”/ 22.22 mm


 Handcrafted in Canada.

1/4 oz "Golden Boy"